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Institute of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health



Satellite Workshop -
„Gene-environment interaction”

22 November 2014
Gliwice, Poland

The workshop will cover the issues related to geneenvironment interaction. Individual predisposition to disease may be affected by the response to environmental or occupational exposures. In the last decade, a lot of evidence was gathered, which suggests that geneenvironment interactions play a critical role in the pathogenesis of complex diseases, with multiple genes (each individual one with modest effects) operating in conjunction with multiple environmental or occupational exposures.
The topics discussed during the workshop will concern:
- genetic and epigenetic markers affecting gene-gene and gene-environment interactions in order to determine the risk of different diseases related to the exposure to such agents as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or heavy metals,
- the impact of pharmaceuticals and other endocrine disrupters introduced into the environment and the consequences of such exposure,
- the transfer of antibiotic resistance between pathogenic and nonpathogenic bacteria in the environment,
the hazard which wastewater treated plants pose as reservoirs of genes resistant to antibiotics.



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Abstract submission deadline:
30 Oct 2014

Registration deadline:
09 Nov 2014